The day my human went away

... was the day i got not 2, not 3, but a totalrrr of 5 treats!

I am a good boy and I knew what was coming the moment I saw the big bag. And, don’t get me wrong, I miss my human, but aunt rrrrrrini gives me extra cuddles and massage and treats, because, unlike me, she of course doesn’t know when my human comes back. But I do! I am such a good boy!

But then suddenly there was a whole new human. Not sure what this is all about. And she gave me 3 treats. I think its because im such a good boy! I might let her sleep in my bed tonight. Too bad for all that new human smell on my fresh sheets but dont think i have much say in it. Things you do for an extra cuddle or treat!

Time for bed. Cannot wait for the morning and my delicious bowl of food. Quite certain it has been growing in size. I must be such a good boy lately! 


Marina Notrima