philippines 2017

Well, it's a beautiful country. Very. At least the 1% that I've seen. Spent only a week, and most of it on Malapascua, a gem of an island North of Cebu (second largest city, right after Manila). Diving here will take your breath away. Everyone comes here for the thresher sharks, and I know why. So many of them , so curious, and so close.
The traveling I've done across the country was all local-style: turned out to be ridiculously cheap, friendly and just as fast (or slow) as with a fancy pre-arranged expensive taxi. Got into Cebu the night before, the next morning went on a 4 hour bus ride to Maya, and took a boat from there, another 40 minutes. Once on the island - you move by foot, and there isn't that much space to move around anyways. The weather was amazing, not too hot, not too humid, and the best part - it wasn't just low season. It was, nearly no-season. I think every single hotel or guesthouse had 1-2 guests, at most. The place felt nearly abandoned, but in a damn good way. A private, small island (just 1.5hours to walk around it) with pretty much everything you need - amazing. Just no ATMs.
But all I care about, anyways, is diving and food. And Malapascua delivered. Underpromised overdelivered. 
People all speak English, and I don't mean just knowing a couple of right words - but real, good English. Nobody is annoying, everyone is very chill, no kids selling stuff, no locals making you buy things you don't need. All in all... GO, if you can.