pianos in the making

Making a documentary is probably one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done (I bet this one goes for every salty carrot). After an exhausting BYOB project in Amsterdam, we did not take a brake as planned. Oh no no no. Right there, the same night we ended up deciding on a new project, that had to be starting, well, right then. That is how a nearly 2 months journey of following Jarno van Es (the pianist) and Stan Wannet (the artist) started. Making a documentary is time consuming, expensive, exciting, tiring and all the preparations can give you quite a headache. Which is why I am so grateful that Nat and Amanda manage everything so well, all the emailing and calling and planning can be exhausting. But before we knew it - it was last Friday and there we were, filming our last bits, listening to the final performance, so happy to be a part of something so beautiful. We have tons of material, we still have to decide on the story and the editing will begin shortly, but for now we will be posting little picture previews on our Facebook page, as well as here. 

Marina Notrima